5 App Launch Email Examples and Why They Worked

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5 App launch email examples and why they worked

Email marketing is a very useful aspect of all marketing strategies, especially when it comes to helping a business grow.

And despite the ominous predictions that wanted email marketing to have been dead by now, it’s still alive and thriving.

Email marketing, of course, is not only about cross-selling, cart abandonment emails and “last-chance-to-buy” content.
There are various types of emails and one fairly large category is the following: product launch emails.

But we’re talking about apps, right?

Yes we are, and apps or even app updates and new features are a product that can help a business grow in mind-blowing ways!

This means that product launch emails are a nice way to create the much-needed buzz that, along with other marketing strategies, will help your product reach a broad audience.

In fact, product launch emails for software and web app have quite the open rate, according to the graph below:

Open Rate Launch Emails
Source: Smart Insights

This pinpoints the importance of an email list and the need to use email marketing software.

Of course, you’ll need to put a lot of time and effort into the different components of your strategy.

But the following list of examples of app launch emails and why they worked will, hopefully, make your life a little easier.

1. Gemini Photos: Gallery Cleaner for iOS

Gemini Photo

Gemini photos is an app that uses machine learning to identify, sort and clean your Apple device’s photo library by grouping photos together and identifying which of the similar ones is the best photo, taking into account parameters like resolution or edits.

The app also offers various other features, such as swiping through photos to delete or keep.

Why did this work?

Even though this app is an official app created by an external provider for iOS, the email follows Apple’s brand voice: it’s minimal, classy, without a hint of complication.
What is more, it’s very clear and precise, showcasing exactly what the app is about, while clearly showing the value from the very beginning by stating:

“Keep the photo mess at bay”

This is a very powerful CTA, clear, simple and enticing at the same time – who doesn’t want to find what they need with minimal effort? Who likes mess and clutter?

The answer is nobody and definitely no Apple user, seeing as Apple is all about simplicity, minimalism, and one-tap results.

On the subject line

“Is your iPhone drowning in photos? 📲”

Just like the CTA, the subject line is enticing enough, as it implements both contemporary elements – take a look at the phone emoji! – and phrasing that pretty much gives an answer to the “Why do I need this” question, hence enticing the user to open it.

2. Collect: Save and share ideas

Collect: save and share ideas

It’s more of a relaunch than an original launch itself, but Collect, WeTransfer’s app, is here to enable users to save everything in one place, from photos to videos, audios, notes, anything that can be combined to create great visual content.

It can also serve as a decluttering app, as it promises to allow you to organize your content in boards.

Why did this work?

Again, we’re looking at content that is consistent with the brand’s tone of voice.

The colors, the friendly tone, everything is what it should be like. And WeTransfer’s email takes it a wee bit further by pampering the subscriber: “You’ve got great taste”.
A little compliment goes a long way and it seems that these guys know it well.

And what about the punchline?

“One app to save everything”

It makes users think they won’t need any more apps.

It’ll save them the time and energy of looking through their phone-not to mention eliminating the feeling of frustration that comes with searching for just the right thing through this and that app!

On the subject line

“Welcome to Collect by WeTransfer”

Coupled with the “You signed up to get our monthly set of unexpected creative stories”, this subject line builds on the story-telling aspect the app is all about.

Now combine that with the interesting choice of words of the email, the fun colors and the cute little sketch and tada! We have a winner!

3. MasterClass: Learn New Skills

Masterclass App

This app was developed to complement an online education platform that offers classes to its subscribers – at a price, of course.

Its twist?

These classes are on any subject you could possibly want and are taught by the world’s most famous creative minds, from Gordon Ramsey to Neil Gaiman.

So, see what they did with the name there? Their classes are taught by the Masters of each trade – talk about consistency.

Why did this work?

More on that consistency: Masters don’t need introductions or suggestions. The CTAs reflect that: “Get”, “Discover”, “Access”.

And of course, this is the tone set by the email from the very beginning:

“Explore the MasterClass app”

It is evident that this is a serious platform for serious professionals that really want to learn and learn from the best.

The colors reflect the website’s colors. It’s very hard not to understand what they’re all about, just by looking at it.

On the subject line

“Three reasons to love our new app”

Again, the “Why” question is answered efficiently:

You should open the email to find out what those three reasons are.

Don’t forget that we’re talking about an app that was developed for a pre-existing platform, which means that the subscribers already know and use the platform – but they’ll need some introduction when it comes to the app itself.

4. Skillpages


Skillpages, much like MasterClass, began as a platform.

This one specializes in finding skilled professionals from around the world and includes more than 160 countries.

After it kicked off in North America and the data showed that most of the website’s traffic came from mobile devices, developing an app seemed to be the one smart move.

Why did this work?

It gets straight to the point without being strict about it. The design of the email is pleasant and the images reflect exactly what the app is meant to do.

What is more, the CTAs are effective and reflective of the app’s true nature:

“Get hired for your skills on the move”

The phrasing showcases why a professional should download the app.

Additionally, it doesn’t downplay the importance of people being on the move for their next career venture-which is the reason why the app was made in the first place.

On the subject line

“Check out our new app and get found for your skills”

Straight and to the point. The subscribers are professionals, they are busy and they need to know the hows and whys right up front.

This subject line does exactly that, without being too obvious – the user still needs to open the email and see what the new app is and how it can help out with the user’s job hunt.

And I saved my all-time favorite for last:

5. Nike


No introduction needed.

Nike is and has always been a trendsetter in every sense of the word, to the point where it could be a case study all on its own.

But we’re not focusing on that today.

Nike announced its new app with an email that was simple, beautiful and focused, exactly in tune with the brand’s core values.

Why did this work?

I would love to say “But look at it!”, but this is definitely not explanation enough. So let’s go check the CTA:

“Tap into Nike”

Fantastic wordplay! The definition of the phrase “tap into something” is the following, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary: “to manage to use something in a way that brings good results”.

So, Nike basically played with the meaning of the phrase, but also with the meaning of the verb itself: the user will need to tap the screen in order to download and use the app.

If you want to take it a step further, think of that as well: This phrase could’ve easily been followed by Nike’s tried-and-true “Just do it”!

On the subject line

“The Nike App: Direct Access to Our Best”

This is a great example of a subject line with a clear focus on the app’s value:

The app will give the user direct access to the best content and features. Exclusive products, news, free shipping… You name it, Nike’s got it!

Some final thoughts

Product launch emails are not for the faint of heart, as they need a lot more planning than just coming up with clever designs and CTAs, but boy do they work!

This means that it would be in your best interest to invest in a platform but also in studying tactics and the best practices for email marketing here.

Is there something you think we forgot? Someone you’d like to show this article to?

Feel free to leave us a comment and share!

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